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Taylor Canyon Fire Station Needs Your Support

Your gift brings emergency fire services closer to home!

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Taylor Canyon Fire Station

Historically, the closest fire sub-station was in Almont, which is more than five miles away. The addition of the Taylor Canyon Fire Station “TCFS” sub-station will provide quicker response time for services to the Taylor Canyon and Spring Creek area of Gunnison County. In addition, the location of the Fire Station will directly benefit residents of the surrounding area with property insurance, which is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain based on the existing locations of current substations. To qualify for an ISO Public Protection Classification rating of 4Y, improvements must be within 5 road miles of a fire station.

The new Taylor Canyon Fire Station will become the first response to protect the lives of all residences as well as property in the Taylor Canyon. Located on County Road 742 between Jack’s Cabin and Harmel’s Resort, the 5 bay station will house a county pumper, a special brush fire truck and a safe fighting small pickup. Wilder on the Taylor will supply a 3,000 gallon truck mounted water tanker and a portable 1,500 tank and tractor for this newly constructed 3,000 square foot fire station.