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Make a difference in the Gunnison Valley!

Your dollars tackle community challenges

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You're part of the solution.

Your gift to the Community Foundation makes a difference for community members all over the Gunnison Valley. You’re giving a monthly book to a child whose favorite part of her day is when her dad reads her a story. You’re giving a meal to a family who might otherwise go hungry. You’re helping a rescue dog find a loving family. You’re giving the gift of mental health services to your neighbor who is contemplating suicide. You’re providing a high schooler a place to belong and a reason to keep his grades up. The Gunnison Valley is an ecosystem of connected individuals who support each other.

Your gift does more than support today’s urgent needs. Your contribution provides for a future where we’ve overcome these challenges together. You make it possible for CFGV to partner with local leaders to identify and address the challenges that our community will face in the coming years. You make it possible for CFGV to be your voice in Valley-wide conversations about how needs are prioritized and resources are allocated to help our community thrive.