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Make stories happen with a gift today.

Story Spotlight

Meet Tuco. Tuco was abandoned in the oh-so-frightening winter temperatures here in the Gunnison Valley. Rescued by the local shelter, Tuco was adopted by a local family with a toddler. Within two days of Tuco joining the family, he and young Adler became inseparable. They take naps together almost every day. Adler is growing up with a loving best friend and Tuco is now the happiest cat you can imagine!

You make connections like Tuco and Adler's possible through Community Grants.

Your support brings stories to life through Community Grants. Stories of animal rescue, of empowering at-risk youth with tools to succeed, of striving to make sure not one person goes hungry, and so much more.

You're invited to make an impact right now through Community Grants!

See all of the 2018 Community Grant awards by clicking here. 2019 Community Grants will be awarded in July!

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