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Give the gift of learning...

Your support strengthens Gunnison Valley nonprofits.

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It takes a village.

"The STEP Program, most recently, was such a gift to us. Mark did a really nice job facilitating our board gathering, and I've enjoyed learning new tools to help move our vision along. I feel incredibly inspired, educated and ready to conquer what is necessary to keep our nonprofit community thriving. I'm thrilled to play a part!" -Adge Marz Lindsey, Executive Director of the Crested Butte School of Dance

Strong, transparent organizations command more knowledgeable boards, effective staff, and financial support. With these resources, they are better able to fulfill their missions. As part of its commitment to strengthen the nonprofits of the Gunnison Valley, the Community Foundation is pleased to offer the Sustainable, Tough, Efficient, Purposeful (STEP) Program, along with regular workshops on organizational best practices. Add to that an extensive resource library and availability of staff expertise...your gift helps make the Foundation the "mothership" for local nonprofits. Thank you!

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