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All Joe wanted was a home.

He took a huge risk removing himself and his young son from a traumatic life situation.

After finding solid employment and successfully applying for a Habitat for Humanity home, Joe completed the required hours toward the construction process in record time!
Best of all, Joe’s son has a place to call home.

Joe and Habitat are just one example of over 40 nonprofits in the Gunnison Valley utilizing CFGV resources and programs to further their missions.

Your philanthropic partnership with CFGV is always the start of something bigger – strengthening nonprofits and connecting community resources with caring people like you.

What some CFGV donors are saying:

"CFGV is a wonderful organization. Thank you for being here and such a wonderful part of the Gunnison community!!" –Carol Ann Greenlee

"Our community is why this is such a wonderful place to live." –John Holder

"It takes everyone to make a difference." – Stacey L Mark

"There are so many needs in this community. We are thankful that you make it easy to help." –Kathy and Jim Seitz

"CFGV makes such a difference to so many nonprofits in our valley. Thank you!" –Sue and Colin Uerling

"Support CFGV and the Gunnison Valley!" –Wolfgang Spohr